Custom 8 Key Mini Kalimba Exquisite Finger Thumb Piano Engraved Malimba Music Exquisite Accessories Pendant Gift For Friends



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  • Thumb piano sound quality: Mini Kalimba's voice is clear and natural. Just move your thumb to get wonderful music, make your day happy, and reduce the pressure of work or study.
  • Simple operation: thumb piano playing is very convenient. Even people without a musical foundation can easily use our Kalimba to play.
  • Lanyard design: Mini Kalimba can be easily put into wallet, handbag, backpack, etc. As a decoration. With a lanyard, you can carry it with you and practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Best gift choice: Kalimba is not only the best musical instrument for performance, family, outdoor, school, party and leisure, but also a holiday or birthday gift for children, relatives and friends.
  • Production Time: 3-5 business days to handcraft.

    • Jam

      The cutest instrument that ever existed! This tiny little 8 key Kalimba is the cutest. I did not expect it to be such nice quality. A beautiful little instrument. I can just slip it into my pocket and bring it with anywhere. The keys are easy to tune by hand. I like that it only has 8 keys. It makes learning songs even easier. I figured out how to play the theme song to Jurassic Park just by messing around with the keys right after I took it out of the box. Great little travel size Kalimba!


      Super Cool We have the full size and this mini is just as fun.


      Looks nice and sounds good I didn't get this to use as an actual instrument; I have no idea how to "play" it. What is great is that it's super easy to mess around with and accidentally make songs. I got the little 8 key one and it's fun to play with. I've see the big fancy ones at Renaissance fairs and I have always like the sound they make. This one is a much smaller, budget version that still sounds pretty good and you can get surprising amount of time out of just eight notes. I can't really speak on an expert level about anything here, but to my layman ears, it sounds good and I think it looks pretty cool.

      D. Choike

      Beware! No instructions! No songbook! You're on your own. Nice little unit. No instructions on tuning, playing or a song book.

      Ileana L.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Very appealing for the kids. Beautiful to hold. Inviting to try and practice. Beautiful craftsmanship pleasant to hold in your hand. Attractive and intriguing enough for my 12 year old granddaughter and 11 year old grandson to return to it on their own. I wish it came with a booklet.

      Lana E.

      Never give up practice This little kalimba has a really great tone. I was afraid such a small instrument would sound 'plinky', but the notes resonate pretty well. Each of the 8 keys have numbers on them, so you can find songs online to teach yourself to play. The keys are really well polished and the whole thing is easy to play.


      Darling, Functional Kalimba This is the most darling, little kalimba I have ever seen. It is small enough to close the palm of your hand around it. You can just drop it in your pocket and walk around with it if you wanted. I like, though, that it comes with a necklace so you can wear this tiny instrument as a piece of jewelry. It is a great conversation starter!


      Cute This small little 8 key kalimba is cute, but if you want to seriously want to learn how to play a song on a kalimba, it would be worth investing in a larger 17or 21 key model. This one is more of a fun thing to make a bit of noise and fidget with. It simply has all 8 notes so you can run scales on it and that is about it as far as musical stuff. It has a nice sound comparable to its larger counterpart too.